Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Progressing but not fast enough

It comes to something when you have hardly time to write your own blog let alone read other poeple's. Two or three I always read everybody else is from about four days ago. I'm even two months behind on Jude Hill's 'Small Journeys".
I only have myself to blame so I shouldn't complain, but that isn't really the case, I did leave enough time to get the pieces done, other stuff happens and happens all at once. Two serious family illnesses, helping my daughter move into a house that was, well frankly dirty and needed a lot of cleaning, building flat pack furniture and the other half so busy with work he can't help much and what happens, I don't have time to do my work.
Anyway enough of that, this is Quarry Face 2, it is actually a couple of inches higher than these photos that I took yesterday but still has a way to go. We are hanging the exhibition on Saturday, we only have 3 hours so are planning it all tomorrow, so I only have two days to finish the weaving, finishing and hanging.


  1. gosh you'll have to leave out some treats for the weaving elves to come in and help while you sleep, good luck with it all Debbie!

  2. Weaving is your recovery time from all the other not-so-fun tasks. Life goes on for all of us, somehow. Your weaving is testimony to that. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Barbara, yes we all seem to muddle through somehow, its good to be able to sit in the studio in peace and quiet.