Thursday, 24 March 2016


Ok well this has uploaded a bit weird but all the information is there. This is a good space in the foyer of the theatre, very pleased to be exhibiting here. The wiggly piece is mine, I do not have the expertise in weaving to do the kind of detail that Hilary does, but then I am quite happy working a bit offside.
When I get time and some sun I will be posting some work.


  1. look forward to seeing the pictures from the exhibition!

  2. Very nice, Debbie! I, as well, look forward to photos that don't go wonky on the upload, but we get the idea. Congratulations!

  3. Great Debbie!
    Waiting for the pictures... :-) Ciao, Helga

  4. Thanks all, it is being set up on 5th April, so should be able to get some photos then, though I may not be there for the whole set up.