Tuesday, 23 August 2016


It is hot today, I don't know 26, 27 centigrade, not far off 80 fahrenheit that's to hot for me so what have I been doing, gardening, am I crazy, definitely and now I am inside and hot, hot, hot. I have been clearing out dead raspberry canes and all the stuff the annoying neighbour has cut off my trees that overhang his garden and thrown back in mine, he's entitled but why is he cutting trees at this time of the year. My birches in full leaf, suffering from lack of rain and to much heat, He has no respect.

I am starting a new cloth, lots of people seem to be making 'feelings' cloths. I am doing one and would like to reference Fabienne who is my inspiration, https://www.facebook.com/FabienneRey.
Mine was going to be about fearlessness but I am not ready for that, I am a very anxious worrying person so this is going to be a quiet cloth of contemplation.


  1. look forward to seeing your quiet cloth as it goes

  2. the blue of longing as Rebecca Solnit said-
    “ We treat desire as a problem to be solved, address what desire is for and focus on that something and how to acquire it rather than on the nature and the sensation of desire, though often it is the distance between us and the object of desire that fills the space in between with the blue of longing. I wonder sometimes whether with a slight adjustment of perspective it could be cherished as a sensation on its own terms, since it is as inherent to the human condition as blue is to distance? If you can look across the distance without wanting to close it up, if you can own your longing in the same way that you own the beauty of that blue that can never be possessed? For something of this longing will, like the blue of distance, only be relocated, not assuaged, by acquisition and arrival, just as the mountains cease to be blue when you arrive among them and the blue instead tints the next beyond. Somewhere in this is the mystery of why tragedies are more beautiful than comedies and why we take a huge pleasure in the sadness of certain songs and stories. Something is always far away. The far seeps in even to the nearest. After all we hardly know our own depths."
    - Rebecca Solnit
    A Field Guide To Getting Lost

    1. Thank you for these words Mo, they are beautiful. I have been wondering about buying this book, I think I must.