Sunday, 28 August 2016


Tie dye organic cotton scarf
Rescued by my friend Liz who just happened to have an indigo kit. We had a fun day despite choosing the only day of the week when we had rain, so controlling the temperature was difficult.
I also dyed some papers the next day. The indigo was by then exhausted and although I got good results on the paper the fabrics only came out the palest blue.

I have also been dyeing a few silk scarves with plants from the garden.
On its third dye, looks better now, was
very nondescript before its indigo dip.

Very pale and pretty, garden flowers overdyed
with indigo

This one is also an overdye

A bit of a hippy top

Silk scarf, leaves and rusty pole

Dyed with horsetail and garden flowers


  1. I always prefer the paler blues so I think all of these are quite, quite lovely!

  2. Beautiful work Debbie! I like them all, but the silk scarf with leaves and rust is my favorite one ;)

    1. Mine to I think, though I like the pale jacket as well.