Thursday, 23 February 2017

A bit sandy

 The disadvantages of living opposite a beach. Storm Doris is doing its worst, blowing sand and sand whirlwinds have been travelling along the road all day. Still we got off lightly, no fallen trees or bits of buildings, just sand in your hair, in your teeth and through any gap in the doors or windows. I can write my name in the sand on the windowsill.
The patio back of the house

The lawn

Part of the drive


  1. o...yes.....blowing
    but here it's so fine it's like pollen

  2. Aloha,

    Yes, my tile floor has new grout in the form of sand. Guess we'll all be sweeping today.

    Wishing you safety and sand castles.


  3. We had a part-time condo on the NJ bay, and our area was devastated by superstorm Sandy. We sold the condo and are now back at home without the worry. But I do miss the water!

  4. PS...I recalled last night what it was like when we lived in Oklahoma for 8 years. We had red sky sandstorms. Although it was a different kind of sand, it was everywhere, even in our toothbrushes!

    1. Horrid isn't it, the sand came under the doors and in the windows, but luckily not in our toothbrushes. We need new windows the wind sneaks in as well.