Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Working towards the next exhibition

Close up of stitched piece

The beginnings of another piece
I am finally managing to start work on pieces for the next exhibition I am taking part in with Liz Hewitt at the West Country Quilt and Textile show at the end of August, to close for comfort. Luckily I can use a few pieces I have already but both of these will be new pieces. The exhibition is called 'Colours of Africa', neither of us have been to Africa so this will be based on our interpretation of it. Liz also has a collection of African textiles she is working on.

The top piece is a landscape with plant dyed silk noil fabric and commercial thread. The second piece will be a large cloth with patches stitched with African designs, the one above is by the Ibo people and is in the Pitts Rivers collection in Oxford. If I remember correctly it was part of a collection of designs for tattoos.

This is also plant dyed but is mainly old cotton sheeting which I am already regretting using as stitching in to it is quite hard and my carpel tunnel operation is not fully healed yet and I suspect not one hundred per cent successful either as I am still getting a lot of pain in my wrist. The silk is so much easier to sew. Anyway I will  persevere and maybe even remember to post sometimes.


  1. Love the stitching, so pleased you have started, looks wonderful.
    I've cut my left index finger badly so struggling to stitch. But will find a way.

  2. love seeing your interpretations for the "Colours of Africa", go gently with your wrist!

  3. This all looks lovely - colours are beautiful. I think I saw your most interesting work in the Bristol Guild recently? I may also see you at the West Country quilt and Textile show.

    1. Thank you, did you make the West Country show I will be sorry if I missed you again.