Friday, 1 June 2012


Night scented stocks
This looks like it turning into a gardening blog but the garden is looking lovely at the moment and I am weaving, honest. I've just started a new piece and am finishing off other pieces ready for hanging at the Bristol Guild exhibition which is approaching much too fast.
Gardening is a favourite hobby of mine anyway, you might have guessed. It is what I would prefer to be doing in the summer but deadlines call.

 I sowed these stocks last year but the took umbrage at next doors cat digging them up but this year they are beautiful, or possibly they are bi-annuals, I didn't check the packet, they came free on a gardening magazine.
 Alliums, geraniums and penstemons.
Giant alliums

Salvia Hot Lips

 Roses are blooming thick and fast

My Goji berry is taking over its right across the path
some fruit would be good but there are some apples coming on my two year old tree

 Purple elderflower

Perennial wallflower
I've given up trying to place photos where I want them on the page this machine likes doing its own thing

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