Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A sunny day at last

What a beautiful day, have spent the whole day outside. This morning I was vegetable gardening with my brother and Mum and this afternoon I have been tending my own garden and also starting work on the ivy covered driftwood log I found on the beach earlier in the year. I have never tried cleaning up a piece as large as this and I think it is going to take a very long time, there is quite a lot of rotten wood which all has to be removed to avoid further deterioration. I have been attacking the crevices with my stone carving files, a craft I gave up on after about three pieces, anyway they all have pointed ends which is good for digging out loose bark, dirt and woodlice, but after breaking the end of one decided to be more cautious. I was trying to think of crafts that use strong pointy tools and then thought that having tartar removed from your teeth is a very similar procedure to what I was attempting to do. Now do I have enough courage to ask my dentist if he has any old tools he no longer uses?

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