Friday, 15 June 2012

Peace and quiet

A day off from setting up, opening and private view tomorrow. Hubby away so have the place to myself, just mulling around and generally being lazy. Whilst washing up I was entertained by feeding time for the baby sparrows and pied wagtails. How the parents keep track of babies who are hopping all over the garden I don't know. We also get a lot of neighbouring cats in out garden so I was at the ready to rush out and defend the fledglings.
Went out to the garden (I can smell the roses as soon as I open the door) to plant Cosmos and pick some roses and it started pouring with rain, the vagaries of our weather.  Where has summer gone, all the blousey?(not a word apparently) flowers, the roses and peonies have been hit hard by the rain and wind, so sad. I'm trying to pick them now as the come into flower.

Anyway time for lunch and then an afternoon spent weaving.

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