Thursday, 20 June 2013

Also stitching

I have just started the 'What If' Diaries over at Jude's site.
9 patch white

Why can't I type where I want. The pieces below this piece came from an Indian restaurant
They throw these away after use I am going to try and rescue some more, until I have nine at least. The not so white piece is less white than it looks in the photo and just didn't work on a white background.

 I am starting with white, this is three layers of very fine cotton lawn, stitched and then the top two layers were cut. Maybe a mistake to cut, but only practice pieces.
Not so white


  1. Oh how fun! I keep thinking I want to do the 'what if' but never get around to it. Someday! What a find with the fabric from the Indian restaurant. I'll look forward to see your 'what if' as it moves along.

  2. Thanks Penny, I am still on chapter 1, page 1 of 'what if' thats the great thing about it you can do it at your own pace.

  3. really love the white, all those ripples.....very sensuous

    1. Thanks Saskia, I am quite pleased with the effect myself.