Friday, 21 June 2013

Perfection in the Garden

Gertude Jekyll I think


Starry globes

A few weeks ago I said that I might not be blogging for a while due to family stuff. Although that is ongoing though slowly getting sorted I have found that weaving, sewing, blogging and gardening are helping me keep going. They are all types of escapism I suppose and I receive such lovely comments from you which all helps, so thank you.


  1. I love the names of those old floribunda roses Gertrude Jeckyll is one of them! I am sorry you are having some personal difficulties at the moment but you are right creating art is a wonderful escapism, beautiful photographs :)

  2. Thanks Morag, I discovered later its actually William Shakespeare and the yellow rose is Molineaux. I should check my labels instead of being lazy.

  3. During difficult times its often very good to 'escape' or more to explore the good things, the creative things that surround us. There's no harm in letting your mind, hand and eye enjoy what is good and beautiful - just a little reminder for each of us.

  4. Thanks Penny you are so right