Saturday, 15 June 2013

Suspension exhibition

I have just got back from the opening day of the Suspension exhibition at the Bristol Guild. A very busy and tiring day. About 170 visitors good sales and some beautiful work. Managed to get a few reasonable photos. The top two images are my work which I stupidly didn't take photos of in advance so its difficult to see what the are. I will add the names of the missing artists next time I am there so apologies in the meantime if any of you look on this site.
My work

Spiders web

Private view

Private view

Ginny Epstein

Lydie Gardner

Panoramic View

Panoramic View


  1. Lovely to find your blog! I am always searching for tapestry weaving bloggers! I trained as a weaver back in the 80s. I really like your spiders web! I shall be back! :)

  2. Glad you found me, I am always on the look out for tapestry weaving blogs as well. Though from looking at my recent entries you wouldn't think I did much weaving, I have been having a rest, just starting a new piece.

  3. Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping over to my blog.. and for your lovely comments. Your work is gorgeous!! I love weaving and that you incorporate driftwood!! Glad to know you!!

  4. Hi Tammy, thanks for your kind words. I have been following your blog for a while and am always impressed by the diversity of your work.