Monday, 2 June 2014

Rust dyeing with Alice Fox

From left, on silk, cotton, linen
These are the results of the one day workshop I did with Alice Fox in Stroud. I am slightly disappointed with the results as she usually ends up with lovely soft shades whereas mine are predominately tea coloured. These were stitched first and then dyed due to shortage of time. Alice usually dyes and then stitches but not always. The silk sample was stitched and then wetted with tea and left on top of rusty nails.
The middle one had a rusty chain attached to it and the third has rust stitched in between two layers of fabric. Surprisingly most of the metal in this one did not make marks, the rust on the two larger areas of grey were from a different source than the others. All three were wetted with tea and then rewetted for seven days. These have been washed but not neutralised yet. I will probably then do some further stitching on them.
For those of you who commented on my entry about this workshop, I invited Alice to leave her thoughts which she has done so you may wish to check back a few entries to that post. I also got her address wrong and she has corrected it if any of you wish you look at her work.


  1. Fabulous - I was so disappointed not to get on to Alice's workshop!

  2. Interesting response from Alice Fox, she is experimenting like Turner did all those years ago with his fugitive colours. Fair enough, however it does go against the grain of my background in glass and the chemistry involved in creating rich true colour that doesn't burn out and stable pieces that don't crack with time...