Monday, 2 June 2014

Risk taking

I have just washed all my precious silk eco printed and dyed cloth in the washing machine on a hand wash programme. They are all still wet but none seem to have suffered the worse for this treatment.
I had all these pieces of cloth folded in a basket some of which I am very pleased with so I have decided to use them, rather than have them moulder away or suffer from clothes moth damage, a big problem this year. Anyway hopefully I am going to make a couple of garments over the next few months years so watch this space.


  1. I hope you'll share pictures!!

    1. I will but it may be awhile. Gill I would like to look at your blog but can only get as far as your profile page would you mind posting your blog name. Thanks

  2. Hi Debbie, thanks for visiting my blog. You asked about my jar dyeing. Yes it is from IF's method with my own revision! I see you are a weaver too. Have you try weaving with eco-dyed fabric? A good way to use some of your dyed fabric. Hugs Nat