Friday, 3 August 2012

Anthony Gormley

Went to Barrington Court yesterday, it rained all the way there and all the way back but was sunny and hot while we were there. No photos I'm afraid, hoping to get small lightweight camera for my birthday, the gardens were looking great. However our main object for visiting was to see Anthony Gormley's Field of the British Isles, my second visit,  they are in three different rooms, the first time the installation has been separated, still very strong imagery, the figures look so imploring you just want to gather them up and give them a great big hug. I watched the video this time narrated by the man himself,  he comes across as a very spiritual person. I love his work and have been to quite a few of his exhibitions and to Crosby Beach were his men are spread across the beach and is quite haunting. Also of course The Angel of the North which towers over the landscape and is truly anchored to the earth despite the huge wings.

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