Saturday, 25 August 2012

Food from the garden

On a more cheerful note the gardens are beginning to do their thing.  We have two small to medium? size gardens that feed between five and seven people, one mainly growing vegetables and one mainly flowers with a small area of veg and soft fruit.

 This cucumber is 14 inches long its the second I've picked from my two outdoor cucumber plants. The first was even larger but we ate it before I took a photo, there are about nine more to come.

We are also digging potatoes, picking flat, french and runner beans, carrots, beetroot, courgettes, spinach, lettuce and salad leaves. Also raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and wild strawberries. We arn't yet producing enough soft fruit to feed all of us.

On the down side the apple and pear trees, which are admittedly only about three years old have very little fruit and the tomatoes are disappointing for the second year running. We have no greenhouse so everything is grown outside and there just hasn't been enough sun to ripen the tomatoes. I may be making green tomato chutney this year.

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