Saturday, 11 August 2012


Summer is hinting once again of what could be.

The butterflies are making an appearance at last.
 Why are they called butterflies, do they have a penchant for butter? I think flutterbys is more expressive its what they do especially when you are trying to take photos of them, they are quite camera shy, especially the peacocks, wouldn't you think they would want to show off.

This little fellow is actually bright blue but the scabious is pretty anyway
I think the little blue butterfly is a Holly Blue

 About ten snaps to get one peacock butterfly with its wings open.
Small tortoiseshell

I have spent the whole day in the garden just trying to play catch up with the weeds which are growing faster than anything else. I am also digging a new small flower bed which will be silver and white. I've only got room to dig one more bed after that. I'd like to dig the whole lawn up but I'm having trouble coping with the garden already. But at least then the other half wouldn't have to mow round lots of island beds full of plants trying to escape onto the grass.

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