Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Back from holiday.

I have been silent for a while that is because we have been away in Sardinia for a significant birthday, not mine I still have a year to go but the other half's.

Sardinia is lovely haven't downloaded many photos yet but here are a few of the local town Castelsardo.
We seem to have had some terrible weather while we have been away, on our return we opened the front door and the alarm went off and wouldn't stop, the house was in darkness as most of the trip switches had tripped. Luckily our electrician lives close by so we were able to get the alarm fixed, have had to have a whole new circuit board and we have also been without broadband for five days.
We were the lucky ones when you look at some of the devastation around the country and the world for that matter.
Are we causing the worsening weather conditions or is all part of the natural order? I reckon its mostly down to us but we will never defeat nature it will always have the upper hand. Mother Nature embraces and punishes with equal impartiality.

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