Monday, 15 October 2012


I don't often write personal stuff on here, I've got a diary for that, though since I've started blogging the diary has remained strangely un written. But I have to say that apart from odd times away my life seems to have become boring. As I have got more involved in exhibitions, groups and creating, the rest of my live has felt very mundane. I find this strange you would think as I'm doing more that the rest would become more liveable with not less. Sometimes I get up on Monday and can't face the fact thats it bed changing and cleaning day and that Tuesday is veg gardening and the rest of the cleaning. I used to be a very meticulous housewife, now I can't be bothered but I do bother because I don't like living in a dusty, messy house. I seem to be a mass of contradictions at the moment. Maybe its getting older I don't know, maybe its living the same sort of life for so long or maybe I am finally suffering from empty nest syndrome. It didn't bother me when the children moved out, I liked having more time to myself but I miss them now we live further away.

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