Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Eco dyeing

I have recently come across India Flint, obviously a few years after many of you. These are my first attempts at eco-dyeing and as you can see they are a bit rubbish though so is the photography. Below is my first attempt, beetroot stems, leaves and some peelings sprayed with vinegar and steamed. A lot of colour came out when I washed it. I will redo this piece at some stage.

The next lot I did whilst on holiday with a few fresh eucalyptus leaves I found, they were each left for about 3 days in the sun the colour change happened when I added a rusty washer to the mix, the last one was soaked in mineral water, the proper funny tasting stuff, with the remains of the dye.

Close up of first soaking, leaves bundled and soaked in water

Leaves bundled and soaked in water with washer added

This scrap of cloth was an accident, I tried a bit of solar dyeing at home with berries from lords and ladies, unfortunately we haven't really had any sun this year. Anyway I put them in a jar with some odd scraps of cloth and a pebble to hold the fabric down. The pebble went mouldy and this is the result, my favourite piece.

Close ups of above

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