Wednesday, 21 August 2013

First attempts at dyeing clothes

Golden rod

 I was quite pleased with this subtle yellow from the golden rod, but disaster it shows up the sweat marks under the arms horribly. The clothes all came from charity shops. I am sure India Flint would come up with some novel way of dealing with this but I am not sure I can.
I will probably cut it up and use the fabric for something else.
The other top looks slightly antiqued so I may leave it like this or over dye again. I haven't tried washing either of them yet, hope all the dye won't come out.
Cotinus, prunus and red leaved elderflower, front


Dyed silk and paper yarns


  1. Hi Debbie; I recently dyed a top using woad, and urine as a mordant (VERY smelly!). I hand washed it in Ecover clothes wash liquid. It has very little bleach in it, so is gentle on hand-dyed cloth.

    1. Thanks Jan, I use Ecover for hand washing so will try it after giving the clothes a few days to fix.

  2. Hi Debbie, I finally have time to return to your blog. With the sweat marks under arm, I wander if you can dip it in steel mordant solution. It's worth a try!

    1. Thanks Nat for this anything is worth a try, I will see if I can source some.