Thursday, 15 August 2013

India Flint 3rd installment

Prunus and rusty nails on velvet

Dead leaves bundled corner to corner
 The rusty nails completely changed the feel of this viscose/silk mix velvet, it is now quite rough but I still like the colour effects.  All the individual pieces are approx 10x10cms. We were working in a fairly restricted area but these were a good size to sample different effects.
My favourite but can't remember what I used in it, it did have clematis and crocosmia flowers in it. as you can see this was folded.

This was the first piece front

and back, I like the string effect but to get a good print it should have been tied tighter

Lots of bundles out of the pot

Tin lids and cloth wrapped round small paper book

unwrapped cloth
I haven't photographed the book as I don't consider it very good but I love the tin lid impressions.
Final piece tomorrow, it is pouring with rain here and too dark to get a decent photo.


  1. So interesting - each piece can tell its own story. I do love a story...

    1. Yes this has become quite a personal piece of work.