Sunday, 12 June 2016

From the Earth part 2

Connie Flynn

The Kitchen Witch

Bahar Bzc Bozaci

Fabienne Dorsman Ray

Mine on the left Liz Hewitt on the right

Chris Lines

Fabienne Dorsman Ray

Books by various artists, the dark colour one at the back is now sitting on my desk.

Caroline Bell
More beautiful work from the exhibition including my own. I think the blue piece might be by Shelley Rhodes but I don't want to attribute pieces to the wrong artists when I am not sure.


  1. your Cloth...BEAUTY FULL want to see details!!!

    and then, Chris Lines....!

    1. Grace thank you if you go to the entry for Saturday, 13 February 2016 via the heading 'eco dyeing' there is a better image, sorry I still don't know how to link to other entries.

  2. All beautiful! I'm inspired to pick through my rust stash for inspiration. :)

  3. Amazing exhibition, Congratulations! You are so lucky to exhibited your work alongside artist such India Flint and Fabienne Dorsman Ray. I've met up with Fabienne and some of her work when I was in Amsterdam - Hugs Nat

  4. Yes it was extremely good and interesting. I haven't met Fabienne but have been a long time fan and it was great to be able to see her work close up. I did a course with India, she is an amazing woman and I leant so much from her.