Friday, 10 June 2016

From The Earth part 1

Connie Flynn
India Flint

India Flint

Mary McIntosh

Lizzie Godden

Mary Moorkens

Overview of Mardlebury Gallery
Firstly apologies to the artists whose names I do not have, have spelt wrong or got wrong. I have been going back and forth in Facebook trying to find everybody's name. You can find further images on Facebook at From the Earth Textiles and caroline bell textiles. 
I visited last weekend, its a fantastic exhibition with some amazing and beautiful work. I only took photos of some 
of the work as there is so much and this post is partly so that my friend Liz can get an overview in case she can't 
get there herself. Liz your work will be in Part 2. If you read this blog and see your work incorrectly or not 
acknowledged please leave a comment and I will edit this entry.


  1. Thanks for the photos Debbie! I can't pick favorites, they are all so unique.