Saturday, 8 March 2014

Finding things

About three years ago I lost my wedding ring whilst gardening, amazingly the other day it turned up, just sitting there on the soil after it had been turned over. Disappointingly it no longer fits, luckily I have had a replacement made, in the meantime I may try and get the found one stretched. I am now on my third wedding ring, the first one had to be cut off.
It amazes me how much our bodies change, my engagement ring only fits on my little finger now. So I used to have short thin fingers and now I have short chubby fingers which it would appear are still getting even fatter.


  1. I lost a favorite childhood ID bracelet 3 times as a child...and found it all three times. Once it was in the dirt around a sprinkler head!! My daddy went through that with his wedding ring. When he passed we were surprised how much he's had it stretched!! Haha My old band won't even go on my little finger now. I wore it non stop for 13 years. I wonder if I'd never taken it off, would it still have fit somehow?

    1. Glad I am not the only person these things happen to.