Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weaving Frames

Nail frame

Clamp fixed to table with loom


Weaving Loom with tensioning device.

I was asked recently about the frames I use. I work on small scale pieces so none of my frames are large.
The nail frame above was the frame I used for my last piece. It was made locally and is not one I normally use, its actually my Mum's.
It fixes to the table with the clamps illustrated. The clamps which came from Handweavers are great and I used them a lot until I found it too hard to get a tight tension on the warp on the stretcher frames that I used to use.

Nowadays I normally use the loom on the right, these are very simple and easy to warp up as they have notches in the top and bottom. You can also tension them by using the butterfly nuts. I have these in two sizes, complete loom sizes are  42x53cms and 27x40cms;  I get mine from Great Art, they are called school looms. I use these for most of my work, unfortunately the clamps don't work on these as the flat plane of the wood is sideways on. At some time I am hoping to adapt the clamp but at the moment I rest the bottom edge on my lap and the rest of the frame against the edge of the table. I don't tend to use a heddle except on the knitting loom, I like to keep things as simple as possible. My knitting loom is the Ashford Knitting Loom which I use for longer pieces, I also own an Ashford Upright Loom but use it very rarely.


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Love the blog! Have been trying to find the supplier of the school looms you use with no luck. It sounds ideal for me as you can control the tension. Also was wondering why you rarely use your Ashford loom. I have been unable to find one second hand. Is the size of it the problem?

    1. Hi Anonymous I am pleased you like the blog but it feels a bit odd answering somebody with no name. This is the Great Art site, the looms take a bit of finding. The main reason I don't use the Ashford loom very often is it needs two people to warp it up and it is just easier to use a loom with a set epi than work it out yourself, so mainly laziness I guess.
      I do use it if I am making a larger wider piece so its useful to have it available. Its also great for pinning pieces of work in progress to when I am stitching to have a think about.

  2. Debbie, guess I need help finding the school loom. How large is yours? The only one I can find on the Great Art site is only about 8.5 inches. I'm still wondering how you achieve that beautiful 3D look?