Monday, 17 March 2014

Transformation and sunshine

 This is a Patty Pan squash that got too big and too hard to eat. I left it in the garden over winter as a decoration. It has been sitting in a plastic lined plant basket and has turned these amazing colours. I presume these are moulds I don't think lichens would have grown so fast.
I have just bundled it up and am steaming it to see if any of the colours transfer onto cloth.

It has been beautiful outside for the last couple of days, so thats where I have been, weeding and clearing up in the garden. I have reluctantly come inside this afternoon, housework needs doing and deadlines are looming but it is hard. When the weather is good I just want to be outside taking advantage of the sun while it is blessing us with its presence.


  1. Can't wait to see the results from this! And thanks for showing the different looms you use. Didn't realise there were quite so many available. I like the tiny travel loom. Seems more manageable.

    1. Its been steamed now, no obvious transfer but I won't be undoing it until the fabric is dry.