Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Still frustrated

Ok I am having another moan but I am feeling so frustrated at the moment.
This is a not brilliant photo of the back of my current work as the front is a no show at the moment. I am quite liking the look of the paper yarn but I have broken another warp today and the sides are still moving in.
I haven't been totally happy with the last two pieces I have done. I seem to have lost my way somewhere and need to get back to my roots.
I think part of the trouble is I tend to interpret titles of exhibitions too literally and get too far out of my comfort zone. Yes its good to test yourself and not get stuck in a rut but not at the expense of enjoying what you do. Thank you if you are still reading this, I need to let off steam sometimes.


  1. Your photo looks like woven 'paper', with calligraphy marks on it! Like a minimal painting. Like gestural mark-making. You are so close to it, you see it how you made it. I see an abstract image, with interesting marks. The balance between enjoying making art, and stretching our skills, is very fine. I know that with me, it can shift from one to the other in a flash; without warning! Hitting that wall is all part of our creative process's isn't it? It's a pain though :-)

  2. Oh my, I know what you're talking about. I had a session like that in January and February. Nothing was working for me - I was frustrated - felt totally incompetent and couldn't seem to focus enough to get anything done the way I had pictured it. I'm past that now and hope that your current 'blah' feeling will pass soon also.

    1. Thank you both, I know we all go through these stages but as you say Jan it is a pain and yes Penny it does nothing for your confidence either. I like your description of the back of the work Jan, maybe I ought to go with that side though hopefully you will like the front when it is finished.